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We get it. You have specific mortgage needs and you need a mortgage that works for you. That is why it would be unfair to treat your mortgage like a commodity.

Mortgage Allies in Oakville believes in empowering our clients with great education, solutions and options. If you want buckets of value and information so that you can get the right mortgage – no matter what stage of your life you’re in – we’re the Oakville, Ontario Mortgage Broker for you.

We get it. You have specific mortgage needs and you need a mortgage that works for you. That is why it would be unfair to treat your mortgage like a commodity.

Mortgage Allies in Oakville believes in empowering our clients with great education, solutions and options. If you want buckets of value and information so that you can get the right mortgage – no matter what stage of your life you’re in – we’re the Oakville, Ontario Mortgage Broker for you.


Mortgage Education

We’re your Oakville Mortgage Broker of choice for a reason. We believe in empowering you with knowledge to equip in decision-making. Read everything you need to know about mortgages, the financial industry and more.

Get the best Mortgage

Mortgage Allies is a friend – the Oakville Mortgage Broker you can trust and count on to get mortgage free faster. We get you the best mortgage for you, not just the best rate. Find your best mortgage here today!

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We have countless free articles, tools and online support platforms to share our best tips and information with you. Let us be here for you – sharing the right advice in your journey towardhome-readmore-texts becoming mortgage free faster.

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The Oakville Mortgage Broker that gives you the DEBT SNOWBALL PLAN.

The Debt Snowball method is recognized as one of the best ways to pay off debt. This plan keeps you calm, feeling in control and motivated, as each step to become debt free is clearly set out for us to manage together. As your Oakville Mortgage Broker of choice, Mortgage Allies gives you this file completely free. The file comes with easy-to-follow instructions to create your own, personalised debt snowball plan. Simply enter your debts and the rest will be done for you!

Over 1000 Mortgages closed. Only Happy reviews on google

Jacques at Oakville Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Allies and his team made obtaining my first and second mortgage easy easy easy. Under Jacques’ care and direction, I got extremely competitive rates, flexible terms, and I found that I was happy to sign on the dotted line because my every question was answered. The process is transparent, and easy to understand because Jacques walked me through every page and elaborated whenever I asked. Indeed the entire team is courteous, knowledgable, prompt and very professional. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I will never go anywhere else for the biggest financial transaction of my life.

Stefanie Achkewich

Naomi and I already had a mortgage broker before we met Jacques, but during several encounters with him, we realized his sincerity and his passion for giving his clients the best rate for their situation. So we decided to ask him to do our mortgage. He also has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to finances and is very smart with figures. He knows the mortgage industry pretty well and gives advice freely. He is efficient and sees the entire mortgage process to completion. I wouldn”t hesitate in recommending Oakville Mortgage Broker, Mortgage allies to anyone.

Eason Family

My husband and I would like to thank Jacques du Preez and his professional team for making our home purchase a great experience! They offered extremely professional, organized and stress-free options arranging our financing. We both highly recommend their team. They were available at all times to provide us with any information we required and made all explanations clear. We could not have completed our transaction without them! Thank you all!

Helen Pszczolkowski


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Secondary Homes Webinar
Dealing With Debt – Part 1

  • review rating 5  My wife and I have nothing but positive things to say about our experiences with Jacques and his team. From the moment we connected with them we have felt that our best interests were being taken care of. Every step of the way we have received multiple options and explanations for every decision we have had to make. We have recommended them to anyone and everyone and we look forward to using their expertise in the future as we navigate through the ever changing housing market. Thank you Jacques & team, we truly appreciate your services.

    thumb C Lawrence

    review rating 5  The Mortgage Allies team is an absolute pleasure to work with and is excellent at what they do. Jacques truly works in the best interest of every client. He takes the time to understand your individual needs and secure a mortgage that is the best overall fit for you. He has a deep understanding of mortgages and offers so much more value than any other brokerage or bank today. The process is clear and transparent from day one and you will learn a lot about mortgages along the way. I would highly recommend Mortgage Allies for your mortgage needs.

    thumb Hartley Ruch
  • review rating 5  Jacques and his team have been phenomenal throughout our home-buying process. We started working with the Mortgage Allies team a year prior to purchasing the home we will be closing on in a few weeks. As first-time buyers, Jacques and his team took the time to explain the mortgage process in a way that actually made sense, and was quick to answer any questions we had along the way. They helped to determine what we could afford and what we could do to improve our finances, walked us through the necessary steps, and also provided useful information on how we could become mortgage-free faster. Never once did we feel in over our head, or that our goal was unattainable. Thank you!!

    thumb Kelly Clark

    review rating 5  Dear Jacques,Will and I have just finished paying off our mortgage on our property on Estoril Road in Mississauga.I would be remiss if I didn't take the time to thank you, Jacques, and your colleagues for your guidance and knowledge in assisting us to make this day finally arrive!. I am convinced that by retaining your company [from the referral from our Real Estate Agent], we saved money and time.The transition from our condo mortgage to our house mortgage was seamless also.Again thank you!Donald G. Scott / William Tang

    thumb Donald G. Scott
  • review rating 5  Very impressed by the expert advice and amazing customer service provided by the Mortgage Allies team. Answered every question for me and helped every step of the way throughout the process. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable and professional mortgage broker. Thank you again!

    thumb Elaine Birkbeck

    review rating 5  I had the pleasure of working with Peter Saunders, after having visited a couple of the big 5 banks, and being unsatisfied with their service.Peter and the team at MA was knowledgeable, courteous, and aligned with my goals. I was never made to wait, and Peter came prepared with a comprehensive summary outlining the opportunities available to me. At that time circumstances were that I chose not to move on with a purchase, but I've kept in contact with MA ever since.If you're tired banks who are only interested in up-selling you in other services, and who aren't aligned with your goals, then I couldn't recommend Mortgage Allies more strongly.

    thumb muiz mukhtar
  • review rating 5  He did it again! Second time was just as good as the first. Thank you Jacques and team.

    thumb Matt Dunlop

    review rating 5  This guy is incredible! He can keep it light with simple numbers, and he can go deeper if you want and show you where all of his numbers are coming from. I never felt uncomfortable to ask anything. He is really customer focused and he helped set us up to have more money in our pockets and a house to live in. I will definitely be recommending this broker to my friends and family, as he is operating in a class above the rest.

    thumb dan G
  • review rating 5  Jacques and his team are amazing! If you need a mortgage they should be your first call.

    thumb David D'Cruz

    review rating 5  As first-time home buyers, Jacques took the time to describe the various mortgage options to my partner and I. He made sure we fully understood all of the different terms and conditions and welcomed any questions we had. Jacques and his team are always readily available through phone and e-mail. They truly made the mortgage process very easy. If you're looking for a highly knowledgeable and honest team that provides expert advice, I recommend Mortgage Allies.

    thumb Emily Chu
  • review rating 5  Jacques, I just wanted say thank you so much for assisting my family and I with our Mortgage. Working with you and your staff at Mortgage Allies has been a great experience. You and your staff made everything so easy for us and we can't thank you enough. It was so nice not to worry about our Mortgage and have someone like you we can trust. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    thumb A Willett

    review rating 5  Jacques from mortgage allies is wonderful. He went above and beyond to secure us a great mortgage with an excellent rate. He helped us figure out affordability and we were able to buy the exact house we wanted. He is very flexible with schedules, even visiting us at home for meetings and arranging meetings online. He keeps in touch frequently after the home buying process making sure we are ok with our current mortgage and answering any questions we have. I highly recommend Jacques for anyone looking to buy a home.

    thumb Yasmin Sammit
  • review rating 5  The thought of home ownership in Canada initially seemed impossible. The Mortgage Allies team simplified everything!Firstly, Not only was I able to buy a home at a great mortgage interest rate, but was given many benefits in the mortgage. As I was shown these benefits are often overlooked by home owners who are only focused on Low interest rates. It's all in the details that make for a great mortgage.Secondly, I was given 3 plans as to how I can become mortgage free fast!Life is ever changing and I thank the Mortgage Allies team for the Super support!It's a Good Life for sure

    thumb Andrew Bellamy

    review rating 5  Jacques from Mortgage Allies is one of the best professional I have had chance to meet and work with. He is detail oriented and has an educational approach - which we very much valued. His unique way of explaining trade-offs/catches around mortgage products and current market state is worth a mention. He's a delight to work with and I will recommend him to my friends and family without any hesitation.

    thumb Nirav Thaker
  • review rating 5  As first-time home buyers, Jacques walked us through the process with immense professionalism. He got us a better rate than any of the banks we saw, with several additional mortgage perks as well. What we appreciated most was his extreme attention to detail, such as preparing intricate "lifestyle case studies" comparing house prices against our financials. Working on our mortgage with Jacques was just a complete breath of fresh air.Needless to say, we will be renewing our mortgage with Jacques.

    thumb Peter Urac

Gather information

We start with a brief phone conversation with you to understand your mortgage needs. We use this time to get to know you better, and to gather enough information so that we can give you the best mortgage options.

Review & Finalize

We have a face-to-face meeting with you to review the various solutions and to ensure that you get the best mortgage for your needs.

Collect Supporting Docs

We collect all of the essential documents we need to get your future mortgage approved.


Once we have all of your documents, we pre-qualify you so that you know exactly how much of a mortgage you can qualify for.

Find your Home

At Mortgage Allies, your Oakville Mortgage Broker, we will wait patiently while you find your dream home. We are here to answer any questions you may have, and we’re always happy to prepare alternative mortgage solutions for you. We know you want a home – not a mortgage – so we take the lead in making the process easy.

Final Approval

Once you have a purchase agreement we get your final mortgage approval. This can take between 3 to 5 business and we try our best to get it done before your Finance Condition expires to protect you.


We get the property appraised. Where possible we also try to get this done before your Finance Condition expires.

Final Review

We complete a final review of the mortgage and make changes where necessary in order to ensure that you’re good to go with the best mortgage you could have.

Sign Mortgage Documents

We meet with you, in person to review and sign all the mortgage documents.


We send all of your documents to your lender for review and processing. We are also on standby to tend to any questions that they might have. We work hard to get your file complete as soon as possible. Mortgage Allies aims to have your file complete at least 10 business days before the closing date so that there are no delays in the process.

Legal Process

Once your file is complete, your lender sends instructions to your solicitor. Your lawyer needs a few days to get the work done before he/she can meet with you to sign the documents.

Closing Date

The day has finally arrived! You’re getting a home. The lender transfers money to your lawyer, he/she pays the seller, and you pick up your keys. Your trusted Oakville Mortgage Broker – Mortgage Allies – creates clients for life.

The mortgage business is fun, fast moving and ultimately a people business. People trust us because we care about them and we are excellent at what we do.

Jacques du Preez