owner occupied plus rental mortgage

Owner occupied plus rental program

Owner Occupied + Rental Program The Owner-Occupied + Rental mortgage program may very well be the least known and least advertised mortgage program, but as you will soon see, it [...]
Mortgage supporting documents mortgage allies

Mortgage supporting documents

Mortgage Supporting Documents Once you are eligible for a mortgage and are finalizing your mortgage, it comes down to managing and fulfilling your mortgage conditions. Your mortgage conditions are represented[...]
Purchase plus improvements mortgage

Purchase plus improvements

Purchase Plus Improvements It has often been said that we live in homes that we don't really like, to fix them up three months before we sell them for the[...]

Mortgage Stress test

The Mortgage "Stress Test" What is the "Stress Test," how is it determined, is it a good thing, and how does it affect you? Inescapably, it will affect the applicant[...]