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How to Join

The Perks program is about bringing together local business owners willing to offer special discounts or promotions to people that patronize their business. We get no monetary benefit from the advertising or from anybody engaging in the program. Neither are we asking you, the business owner to shoulder any costs for advertising.

As part of the perks program, we will design a coupon for you and you get free advertising via:

  1. Our Oakville website.
  2. Our Facebook pages.
  3. Our Newsletter.

Once approved it will be shared via Mortgage Allies’ digital marketing channels.

This is great and shareable content for you as well!

It is also very important to know that the exposure is not just limited to existing Mortgage Allies clients, but to anyone who visits those pages.

In exchange for the free advertising we are asking you, the business owner, to provide some value to clients who choose to use your services as a result of visiting the above sites. The value should be in the form of a discount for your services etc.

The process works as follows; if someone sees the ad and wants to make use of your services, they will download and save the coupon off of our sites and present it to you to redeem their discount.

In order to maintain a high level of quality service for everyone that comes to avail of these products and services, all offers from businesses will undergo a review process before approval and release on our site.

Join us in bringing more value to the community through great offers from fellow business owners.

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