Your Mortgage during COVID-19 from the Lender’s Point-of-View

Sometimes all you need is a change in perspective to see things clearer. The current time is full of uncertainty and change, and to add value to you we brought a shift in outlook on-board to the monthly webinar. We had the privilege of being joined by Rachelle Gregory, the Senior Vice President of Originations from Merix Financial in our webinar for April. Our live interview with this special guest was based around the questions our clients and mortgage community have been asking during COVID-19. Rachelle came in with the lender’s point-of-view – giving us a fresh stance and some clarity on what we can expect when it comes to mortgage support and relief options during this time.

Thank you to Rachelle and the Merix team for your involvement and support in our mission at Mortgage Allies. We had a blast during the live session, and look forward to many more! To all our participants – it is for you that we hold these events and we’re grateful to have had you join-in. Thank you to those catching up on the content now. We hope you’re learning, growing and building even through this uncertain time.